Which lace wig is best for me?

Which lace wig is best for me?

Which lace wig is for me?

With so many types of wigs on the market it can be hard to choose which to start with! so lets start with a few of my favourites.

If you are a beginner with wigs, I would recommend starting with a


Lace closure wig and here's why

  • Easy installation ( you don't have to worry about the wig fitting around your ears
  • You can just install and go!
  • However if you want to put your hair up in a ponytail you will see the wefted tracks.


Lace frontal wig

Once you are comfortable you can then upgrade to a lace frontal wig

  • This gives you more parting options at the front of your hairline, but requires a little more work if you want a flawless hairline install.


A 360 lace wig 

is for those that are willing to put in more effort. As the lace follows a 360 around the circumference of your head with only a few wefted tracks in the middle. It allows you wear your hair in a ponytail

  • Easy-ish installation if you've mastered a frontal wig, then this kind of wig wont cause you too much trouble


Full lace wig

yeah you guessed it! its full lace all over! now don't be fooled this wig should be completely made of lace. Many wigs out there are calling themselves full lace wigs but have a stretchy material in the crown/ middle of the wig. 


  • A lot of maintenance is required with these wigs, you will need to main all aspects of this wig as there are not wefts, its all ventilated hair on the lace.
  • The best full lace wigs are custom made! They fit perfectly because they aren't mass manufactured. Their custom make ensures that they fit your head measurements exactly. 


So go for it and explore which wig is best for you and have fun!