I bet you've asked some of these questions!

I bet you've asked some of these questions!

We've all been there, whether its tearing a hole in your lace wig, over bleached knots over we've plucked that wig a little too much!

It's a question that many of us have spent hours googling or watching youtube videos looking for an answer? 

I bet at one time you have typed some of these phrases into Google

  • how to fix a lace wig?

  • can a lace wig be repaired?

  • how to fix an over plucked wig?

  • how to fix a balding patch on my wig?

  • How to pluck a lace wig?

  • How to get a realistic hairline on a wig?

  • How to fix over bleached knots?


How many did i guess right.... it's ok it's one of the reason why Crown and Reign Hair is here.

Like i said we've been through it all, but we are here to help! 

Check out the 'the lace repair suite, to see how we can revamp your favourite wigs. You know the ones, that you've stashed at the back of your wig drawer, hoping that one day they will see the light of day again!