Why choose us?

Whether you wear wigs through fashion and creative styling or you suffer from hair loss like alopecia, post-partum, stress or many other reasons.

Everyone wears wigs these days, and we mean everyone! You'll find videos of pets wearing wigs posted on Youtube and Tiktok, and on top of that everyone is making wigs and selling them!

So what makes us different?

Here at Crown and Reign Hair, we can take your existing wig and Re-vamp it!

Our wig repair and maintenance service creates custom hairlines on existing lace wig units.

we also can fill in those balding spots on your lace wig from over-processing and repair the tears in your favourite lace wig

If you love your wig, but hate its existing hairline instead of buying a new wig, why not get it customised to the hairline you want, because not everyone who owns a wig can pluck a wig to perfection.

But we can ventilate your wig a new hairline

Your flawless hairline is waiting for you